Concert Review

Theater Jones Dallas, TX September 21, 2014

Chamber Music International opens the season with a terrific foursome's exciting performance of Dvořák.

Friday night’s concert of chamber works at Dallas City Performance Hall, the first concert of Chamber Music International’s season, featured some of the most delicious, juiciest Dvořák heard in that hall in a while.

Pianist Alexandre Moutouzkine, violinist Carmit Zori, violist Atar Arad and cellist Bion Tsang collaborated for an at turns moving, exciting, and lyrical Piano Quartet in E flat Major in the second half of Friday’s program. All four musicians pointedly emphasized Dvořák’s quirkier harmonies, especially in the first movement, helping listeners to hear aspects of the piece that might have eluded them in previous encounters. In the second movement, Tsang’s lyrical solo passages were as gorgeous and nuanced as they should have been, and the fourth movement was ferociously electrifying. The concert was well worth attending just to hear this piece.

By J. Robin Coffelt

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