The Menuhin Competition comes to Austin later this weekend! Bion had this to say about it:

"The Menuhin Competition is like no other international music event: it’s more festival than competition with so many collaborative concerts, master classes, talks and outreach activities. That’s why I’m so very excited that this year it’s happening right here at UT! I’m fascinated to be working with the junior participants in particular. My own memories of competing at this age seem at once so distant and so close, having my own son who is already this age! I can recall the jitters and excitement of experiencing the 'real' world of classical music through the eyes of an eleven year old. After my performances with the New York Philharmonic and Zubin Mehta, Maestro Mehta invited me to attend the Philharmonic’s rehearsals whenever I could. Watching the professionals work from behind the scenes was always incredibly exhilarating and educational. I’ll never forget the time that my family and I went to Tanglewood to see an open rehearsal of the Philharmonic with Maestro Mehta. At the break, I went backstage to see the Maestro, at which point he asked me to join the orchestra onstage for the second half. I got to sit next to principal cellist Lorne Munroe and was introduced to the glories and challenges of the Finale of Beethoven’s 9th in front of thousands of spectators! I have never been so nervous turning pages in my life! I hope that all the young participants at the Menuhin Competition this month come away with a deeper love and understanding of music and at least a couple of treasured memories!"

Bion Tsang, age 11, rehearsing with Zubin Mehta and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra