Bion Tsang, in a brief appearance at the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival, leaves an impression on W. Henry Duckham of the Cape Cod Times. Duckham writes: "Trio No. 2 in E minor by French composer C. Saint-Saens, the concluding work of the concert, added the estimable cellist Bion Tsang. This is a work of large proportions and emotional content and, by some accounts, the trio for violin, cello and piano of the late Romantic period. It certainly has all the required elements—dark and ominous themes, heartfelt and tender melodies, sudden emotional outbursts and hearts-on-sleeve élan.

"Cellist Tsang, with his understated playing, draws you in, and a memorable moment occurred in the andante con moto movement when violinist and cellist became tonal soul mates whispering together the most tender of Saint-Saens' passages."

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