Bion Tsang and Anton Nel on KLRU's In Context

AustinPost Austin, TX August 25, 2010

By DiandreW

Who said that KLRU studio 6A soundstage was all about rock and pop music? Well maybe everyone did. But the story of two men will inform you otherwise.

KLRU studios have been taping “Austin City Limits” for 34 years, and during this time, almost all walks of musicians have played on the set, all but one type.

Meet pianist Anton Nel and cellist Bion Tsang, the first duo of classical musicians to grace the set of “Austin City Limits” at KLRU Studio 6A in February 2010. Both are respected artists internationally, and are faculty members at the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas. They a taped thirty minute special for PBS’ Lone Star Emmy Award winning arts series “In Context.”

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