Bion Tsang: The Blue Rock Sessions

My lifelong obsession with virtuoso miniatures found a creative landing in Texas Hill Country at the picturesque Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, only 25 miles from my home in Austin.  For three decades I have spent countless hours listening to Casals, Piatigorsky, Heifetz, Stern and others who have loved these melodies and performed them with virtuosity, artistry and sincerity.

As a student more than 20 years ago, I began transcribing Casals recordings of character pieces, sometimes with a piano score, other times, a blank page.  Transitioning from pupil to performer, I added some of my favorite violin miniatures as well.  Collecting these 18 treasures to be both heard and seen is a dream come true.

 Retreat with me as we turn over these gems again.  Welcome to The Blue Rock Sessions.